How to use Mobile View of Instagram on Desktop.

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction but as for 0.01% of people who does not know about it, Instagram is a photo and video- sharing social networking services. It is owned by Facebook.Inc

Most of the people use Instagram via their phones but for business purpose or for many other reasons they want to use Instagram on their computers/ PCs/ Desktops.

But while using It, you may find that the desktop interface do not allow you to send Direct Messages, Upload Posts, etc.

To overcome this problem we here have two solutions for you.

Watch this Video for practical implementation

Video Credits: ETC Prolearning

Solution 1

For your problem, there is an extension provided by , Desktop for Instagram.

This extension allows you to use mobile version of Instagram on your computer.

To install this you can click on the following link:

A window will open:

Click on the “Add to Chrome” Option.

And then open the extension by clicking on the symbol from your bar.

But this a long process, also it does not work in incognito mode. So, we have another solution for it.

Solution 2

Another solution which is very easy and Can also be used in incognito mode. There are no prerequisites in this method.

Only thing required is that you have open your Instagram in Google chrome.

By following the steps you can use your Instagram on desktop with mobile view

Step 1: Open menu by clicking on the 3 dots

Step 2: Select “More Tools”. A menu opens.

Step 3: Select “Developer tools”. A Dialogue box will open.

Step 4: Select Mobile view from the icons. [From the above scroll bar you can select the view of your screen. You can adjust it as per your mobile screen. Have a look to understand better. ]

Step 5: Refresh the page.

And Done! You have your mobile view on desktop. Now you can DM or post your pictures, etc. But please note that you cannot post videos from this method, you can use the 1st method for that.

Hope this was helpful for you.

Thank You!!

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