How to Download Thumbnail of a YouTube Video [Free & Easy]

Hi!! You all must be knowing what a thumbnail of a video is but for those who are a little confused… YouTube thumbnail is the default picture that you see when you see a video. It explains the YouTube video.

Thumbnail can be some part of the video used as a still pic to display as thumbnail or it can be a totally different image or banner.

You must see a picture at the starting of the video but cannot find that part in the video, well that is because it is a customized thumbnail. You might like that thumbnail and would like to save it or use it or customize it but YouTube does not allow you to download thumbnails!!!!

But don’t worry, we found not 1 but two proven solutions for this problem.

Watch this video for a practical explanation of the solutions or you can just go down and read more.

Video Credit: ETC Prolearning

Solution #1:

The First solution is through a website that allows to download thumbnails, you just have to give the link and the website will extract the thumbnail for you.

By following these simple steps you can easily download the thumbnail:

Step 1: Open the video. (The one with the thumbnail that you want to download).

Step 2: Copy the URL of the video.

Step 3: Open

Step 4: Paste the video’s URL. A Copy of the thumbnail will open.

Step 5: Right Click and Save the Image.

Here you have your Thumbnail downloaded. In case, you have a problem with this trick, there is an alternative given below.

Solution #2:

Some may face problems in the above solution like the link does not open or you may find it longer or something, so here is an alternative just in case.

So YouTube stores all of its images/ thumbnails at one place so through a link and replacing the ID you can download the thumbnail.

By giving the ID of the video the URL will extract a copy of the thumbnail that you can then directly download.

By following the steps you can use this method:

Step 1: Copy this URL:

Step 2: Paste on a new window.

Step 3: Copy Video ID of the video you want the thumbnail of. [Video ID is the part after the v=. For example in the following link, , “ZD-r-JMgDuA” is the video ID]

Step 4: Paste the video ID at the place id is written.

[Example: “” then after pasting ZD-r-JMgDuA /maxresdefault.jpg.]

An Image will open.

Step 5: Right Click and Save the Image.

And Done!!!! Now you have both the methods you can use any of them.


Bonus!! Bonus!! Bonus!!

For reading this far and hopefully watching our video, we give you a bonus, just an extra information

So now you have downloaded the thumbnail, you may now want to edit it, but it is an image with text on it or may be some pictures that you want to remove.

You can go to and you can select the part that you want to remove and then erase it.

So this trick can be used in many ways like removing watermark from your image, removing an object from your selfies, removing photo bombers, etc..... depends on how you use it.

Hope this was helpful.

Thank You!!

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