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How to add Gary Vee like progress bar in your Videos| Updated 2020

Have you ever seen a video and seen a line that exceeds and shows you the time that has been covered of the video, this line is known as progress bar.

The line looks like this:

Well, even you might want to add this progress bar to your videos to make it look more professional or may be just to impress your friends.

If you are a digital marketer then this is a very helpful tool for you and you can add it without using Photoshop.


You just have to follow me step to step in order to successful add a progress bar in your youtube video.

Watch the following video to understand the method practically:

Video Credit: ETC Prolearning

You can follow these steps to add a progress bar in your video:

Step 1: First of all open Filmora 9. The Screen will Ask you to select the screen ration, select Instagram frame (you can select other options according to your video, for example for Youtube video you have to select 16:9 wide screen ratio.) then select NEW PROJECT.

Step 2: When the filmora screen opens, your nest step will be to IMPORT media (the video in which you want to add progress bar). For importing media you have to click on file and click on import Media. A dialogue box will open showing your videos, select the video you want from your folder.

Step 3: The imported file will be shown in the box. Drag the file from the box to the track. Drag the file like this:


Step 4: In the next step, select sample colours from the media option. From the sample colours select the colour you want and drag the colour on the track above the media track. On the screen you will see the colour overlap on the video. Drag from the end side of the colour tab to match the video tab that is below it. Select the colour on screen and adjust from corners in a way that it becomes a thin line. For better understanding see this:


Step 5: Now, Go to transition and search for ERASE and select erase Slide transition and add it to the colour tab. You will see the line move but the timing is a little off.

Step 6: To adjust the timing, double click on the Transiction tab in the track, and you will see a duration option where you have to enter the duration of your entire video, in case your full video is of 1:32 then enter 1:32 in the duration. Save settings. Play the video.

Step 7: Everything is done now, you have your Video with Progress Bar that is on time. The Final Step is to Export you file by clicking on the EXPORT option on the Right corner of the MEDIA box.

After the Media is exported, a dialogue box will appear select find target and filmora will take you to the place where your output is saved.

And Boom!!! You have your video with the progress video. Now you can upload your video on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

This is a simple and easy way to insert a progress bar in your video, hope this method was helpful, you can also make videos of other ratios in the same way just by selecting different ratio in the beginning. Also you would have choice of color from which you can select.

Hope his was Helpful.

Thank you!!

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