How to add Reading Progress Bar in your WordPress Website using a free and simple Plugin.

Hi there!! Many of you might have a WordPress website and that’s the only requirement for this.

You might have seen a line that goes forward as you go forward in the website or blog and goes backward as you go backward, it basically shows you your position on the page, its like a reading indicator. This reading indicator is called reading progress bar.

When you saw it, maybe you want to add it to your website and you are at the right place.

Here I will show you how to add progress bar in your WordPress website with just a plugin that is free and easy.

You can also customize the thickness, color and position of the bar.

Watch this video for better understanding:

Video courtesy: ETC Prolearning

Follow the steps to add reading bar to your website:

Step 1: Open your Wordpress Dashboard.

Step 2: You have to Install a plugin (Reading Progressbar by Jb Audras), for that go to Plugin > install > search “reading progress bar” > install the plugin> activate the plugin.

Step 3: From the dash board go to settings.

Then go to reading progress bar, you will see settings related to progress bar like height, color and position, the temples in which you want to apply .

Set the settings according to your requirements. Then click on ‘save changes’.

Step 4: All done!!! Now you just have to see your result by clicking on view site.

And done, you will now see a progress bar on your website, use this and make your website look more professional.

These is mainly used for blogs but it is also often seen in whole website, in the 3rd step where you select the template, select all the templates if you want it in all your website or you can manually select where you want it.

Hope this was helpful.

Thank you!!

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