How To Remove Image Background Without Photoshop [within 20 seconds] [Free, Quick and Easy]

Updated: Jan 2

Watch the following video to understand the method practically:

Video Credit: ETC Prolearning

Hello guys, today I’m going to teach you – How To Remove An Image Background Without Photoshop [within 20 seconds] [Free, Quick and Easy]


We want to remove the background as shown in the above picture. We can remove any type of background through these websites (mentioned below). Before, it used to be difficult as we had to spend some time using Photoshop but now a few websites have come which is very helpful for designing. So today, I’m going to reveal the secret of how we can remove the background in just 5 seconds that too free. I’m going to tell you about 2 websites through which we can remove the background. The names are as follows:



Open and create an account. Now I’m going to search for Shah Rukh Khan’s image on Google. Right-click on the image that you like and click on ‘copy image address’. Paste the image URL in website or you can also download the image from Google & then upload it on this website. The result will appear on your screen in just a few seconds. You can remove any type of background with the help of this website.

I also have another tool to remove the background which is a bit less in artificial intelligence. For now, is available for free but it can go Paid after some time that’s why I’m describing another website i.e. Open this website and create an account. Select an image & it will give you the desired result in 5 seconds.

Sometimes, it happens that if your chosen image is having a complicated background then some parts of that image can still remain. So, click ‘Touch up’ below the Background Burn complete image. You get options in touch up of removing the part that you want to remove and keeping the part that you don’t want to remove. Use red color for the removal part & green color for the remaining part (the part that you don’t want to remove). It is a little time consuming than and you’ve to give efforts in this one but you can go with this view-point (green & red color). This website is helpful as if someday the pricing comes in website then you can use this website.

I hope this blog must be useful for you.

Thank You!!

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