How to make 3D Photo for Facebook Online for Free.

Now A days you would see a famous trend going on where you can see a depth version of a photo.

The photo moves when you hover over it, this is called a 3D photo.

These feature is automatically available on IOS Versions and Latest Android phones. But for other versions and people using Facebook on desktop it is unavailable, here is a solution for your problem:

Please watch the following video for practical understanding:

video credit: ETC Prolearning [ETC Prolearning]

Follow this simple steps to upload photos:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Upload The photo you want to convert into 3D. Click on Predict Automatically.

Step 3: Click on Download 3D asset. A zip File will be downloaded.

Step 4: Unzip the file.

Step 5: Upload the Images(both regular and depth effect) on Facebook. Facebook will detect the 3D photo automatically.

And done!! You are the part of the trend now…. Make new photos and upload but make sure to use a photo that can have a depth effect. The photo should not be a plain shape. For Example:

This won’t work.

This will.

Hope it was helpful to you. Please share and comment. Do watch the video and share the video.

Thank You!!

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